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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  July 17, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we are live on the scene of a deadly plane crash in montgomery county. federal investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong and saying that pilot error was not to blame. also ahead, new safety standards enter store for metro and public transportation nationwide. fox 5 morning news continues right now. ght now. good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, july 17th. take a look at the sun out there just coming up. it looks beautiful out there as it is rising there in the sky. the problem is it will start to heat thins up today. good morning, everyone. you a sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. it looked like steam was coming off the sun. >> it at least seems like it
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because we'll feel like it is steamy out later today. >> temperatures here 100. if you want to get the morning exercise, do it now. the temperatures will be blazing hot around here. we do this and we're used to this routine. highs near 100. lots of water, that kind of thing later today. heat will be dangerous next couple of days. >> okay. let's do it. >> first, take a look your radar. if you are trying to stay clear of showers and thunderstorms today, we've taken them out of the forecast. i think the high pressure will be close enough here and really dominate our weather. we're in the going to get a whole lot of opportunities here for showers and thunderstorms. you can see we are off for a nice clear start. it will be one of those days, just kind of hazy and hot this afternoon. good news if you want it. humidity won't be terrible today as our due point temperatures and our humidity won't climb until later tomorrow up ahead of the frontal system.
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temperatures are already very warm. 75 in ocean city. get a bit of a break out at dulles. 69degrees. a little better out to the west. forecast for your tuesday, plenty of heat. high temperatures by 4:00 p.m., 99 degrees. >> triple h? >> we'll take humidity out so just double h. tomorrow will be a triple h day. >> here is lauren demarco with the traffic. >> red line trains are single tracking right now between union station and judiciary square due to a track problem at judiciary square so anticipate delays in both directions of the red line. if you are traveling 198 approaching, expect some debris on the exit ramps. southbound georgia avenue, we had an accident involve a ride-
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on bus. it has been cleared. 66 starting to slow with the volume leaving manassas heading in towards centerville. things looking good. 95 northbound, you have ahe got the volume past the prince william parkway up near the occoquan. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. one of busiest bridges between the u.s. and canada is reopened this morning a bomb threat shut down the brr bridge. they did not find any explosive device. just four days ago, a similar threat closeed a nearby commuter tunnel that also links detroit to canada. two people are dead and 19 others hurt after an outdoor barbecue in toronto end in gunfire. police believe multiple gmedz fired shots into the crowd of american 200 people killing a teenaged girl and a man in his 20s. they say one person of interest
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is in cut did and they are looking for other suspects. federal authorities are working with local police to try to figure out what caused a deadly plane crash. >> it went down in laytonsville, maryland last night. melanie alnwick has >> reporter: good morning. an airport spokesperson has identified the deceased as 79- year-old frank that hit. they say he was working at a flight instructor doing some training here at davis airport yesterday afternoon. now, there has been no official ruling yet on the cause of this accident. but reports from eyewitnesses suggest that there may have been some kind of engine failure. the plane did crash in a wooded area about 40 yards away from a small cluster of homes in laytonsville. the pilot had recently purchaseed a share in the plane, a 1964 beechcraft single engine four-seater and had hired schmidt to help him
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practice take-offs and landings in a series of exercises called touch and gos. within says they heard something go wrong with the plane's engine. >> then made an attempt to opportunity aircraft around by the aircraft lean the wing over like that and trying to bring it over. what occurred was the aircraft did a -- what is called a tip stall where the aircraft lost lift on one side of the wing, rolled over on its top. >> reporter: the plane sort of lited autopsy and made a sharp turn over the back of the runway and plunged into the tree line. pilot we're told was flown it a tarek mehannaer center. the map who found the wreckage says that the pilot was alert and talking when he found him but it was pretty obvious that the flight instructor did not survive the crash. we do expect that the ntsb and the faa will be here around #:00 this morning to continue
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this investigation. -- around 8:00 this morning to continue this investigation. metro is still trying to figure out what caused a computer malfunction that shut down the system two times over the weekend. metro's operations center and its backup system lost the ability to seat location of the trains. this comes as new national safety regular layings were announced for rail transit systems giving the federal government oversight. transit agencies could lose federal grant money if they failed to comply. virginia's attorney general is refusing to certify the state's new rules. attorney general cuccinelli says board member did not follow the law. this doesn't mean the regular lays are derailed but it may influence governor mcdonnell's decision to approve them or send them back to the board. maryland governor martin o'malley is meeting with the house speaker and senate president to discuss expanding gambling in the state. the governor says he will like lie call for a special session on the issue but only if he can
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get house leaders to agree to consider expansion. o'malley met with the montgomery and prince george's county executives yesterday. a gambling referendum bill would have to be pass bid august 20th in order to get it on the ballot for the november election. still head on fox 5 morning news, everybody likes to get a raise but the bad economy has taken its toll on that perk and the new numbers out prove it. first, a look at this morning's other headlines. answered prayers for a church in massachusetts as their kidnapped pastor is freed in egypt. fox 5 morning is news way be back in just a moment with those details. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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[ male announcer ] but america expects more from a president. obama's dishonest campaign: another reason america has lost confidence in barack obama.
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the prses of syria is ready to use chemical weapons. that is the claim from the most senior defector from syria to the bbc the former ambassador to iraq says chemical weapons may have been already been used. it is making disturbing claims
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about syria using al-qaeda operatives to kill its own people. -- the president of syria is ready to use chemical weapons. hillary clinton made a pledge while meeting with israeli leaders. the secretary as a the u.s. continues to push for a diplomatic collusion while israeli leaders continue to hint at military action. talk have slowed down in recent months. two americans kidnapped in egypt have been released unharmed. you saw them there, older map in the white garb and the woman in black. -- the older man in the white garb and the woman in black. the man let them go when he was promised the authorities are working on getting his uncle out of prison. we are talking about raises and what has become the new normal when it comes to what
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you can expect in your paycheck. >> there is the sun again. looks really pretty. the problem is some triple digit temperatures may be heading our way once again. fox 5 morning news is back in a moment with more weather, traffic and all your top stories. man: there's a cattle guard, take a right.
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welcome back. you know, the u.s. is in the grips of the worst drought it has seen since 1956. the national climatic data center released its drought report yesterday. it says that 55% of the nation was experiencing moderate to he can stream drought. the drought conditions continue to spread. >> not good. we need to drop some rain in hair direction. >> we've been dry here and we are one of the lucky areas because out to the west, it has been terrible. with high pressure out there for the next several days, they're not looking at even the possibility of any rain.
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>> bad for the farmers. >> terrible for the farmers. >> big loss. >> certainly and probably will get worse before it gets better as we continue to just kind of endure another very hot summer. i have a graphic that i'm going to show, not this weather hit showing you how hot it is out to the west. current temperatures, 77 in washington. 72348 annapolis. 73 in leonardtown. obviously, these temperatures are off day warm start. it will be a hot day today. highs in the upper 90s to about 100. that will be actual air temperature. 80 in quantico. 70 this morning in manassas. 72 out at dulles. so temperature actually here at reagan national has fallen about four degrees in the past hour or so. here is your temperature trend. the worst of the meet heat today and tomorrow, highs in the upper 90s to about 100. so lots of water if you are
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working outdoors. take frequent breaks. a nice cooldown. our last heat wave lasted the better part of two weeks. this one only a couple of days. by friday and this weekend, highs will only be in the 80s. very quiet weather pattern. here in washington, not expecting showers or thunderstorms today. high pressure from out to the west is really moving in now and we'll keep the big cities along is eastern said board, wash, new york, boston in this extreme heat. in fact, up towards boston being temperatures expected to be in the mid-90s today. out to the west, out towards st. louis and chicago, high temperatures, up he were 90s later this afternoon. so lots and lots of heat across the eastern seaboard. not much relief today. by tomorrow, a cold front will start to slip down from the south -- from the north and west to the south and east and that will bring aussie little relief late in the day tomorrow in the form of thunderstorms and then much better by thursday. 99 today. lots of sunshine, hazy hot afternoon. wind are out of the west at five to 10. i don't think we'll see much
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thunderstorm activity today. partly cloudy, warm and muggy overnight. 80 the over199low. here is your five-day forecast. do it again tomorrow. i mentioned the late day storms tomorrow and relief by thursday, friday and particularly by friday and saturday. highs in the mid-80s with less humidity. let's see if the traffic is flowing smoothly this morning. lauren demarco has your latest. >> things are looking pretty good. hot out there again today. sky fox has been flying over the beltway in virginia and really not much of an issue for you. they were checking out tyson's headed up to the dulles toll road. you can see lanes are open on both the inner and outer loops. no accidents or incidents reported. really, no delays either. 66, delays out of manassas heading into centreville and approaching the beltway. also inside the beltway from the dulles connector to sycamore. as you travel 95 northbound, delays past aquia harbor and then quantico. off and on the brake from lorton into springfield. southbound in stafford, mile
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marker 137, before a car fire reportedly blocking two lanes. watch for that. 395 northbound starting to slow from duke up towards seminary. as you travel in maryland, beltway seeing the delays. we've got the volume beginning now as you head past new hampshire over on the outer loop. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. over to you. >> all right. thank you. for many workers, raises are not what they used to. most people can expect about a 3% raise in the next year. that is down from 4.4%. have you got ain't raise lately? do you think it was enough? tell us on or facebook page. we'll share some comments later. >> a lot of people in the same boat. >> coming up income being we'll go live to fox business network in new york. yahoo is hoping nod leadership with ties to a competitor will help turn the company around. >> as we go to break, here a
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question for you. how much sleep did you get last night? >> oh, boy. >> there are several new studies that show a lack of sleep or too much sleep may be linked to a decline in mental functioning. >> really? i had no idea. every day for us here. >> that is our excuse we're going to use. less than five hours is bad but so is more than nine hours. the studies will be presented at an upcoming meeting of the alzheimer's association. so not too much, not too little. >> just right. sort of like your porridge. [ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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welcome back. you know, a tech giant is hoping a new name will help get things back on track. we'll have more on that in just a minute. first, let's talk about the week's rough start on the market. lauren simonetti with is fox business network is live in new york with this morning's business beat. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's start off talking
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about the market. retail sales are having an impact or a report about retail sales having an impact. chain what is going on there. >> consumer -- explain what is going on there. >> consumer spending is about 70% so when we get a report on retail sales falling, you got to wonder how strong the u.s. economy is. we'll see what ben bernanke has to say about that in about four hours from now. the dow is up 50 points in the premarket so we'll see if the premarket gains can hold throughout the session. let's tian tian about. >> that and their new ceo and in fact, it is the fifth one in five years. is this one going to work? >> one can only hope. you're right. five ceos in five years. this is time, it is a first for many reasons. marissa mayer comes from google. she is like a celebrity. she is 37 years old, she is
6:25 am
married. she used to date google ceo larry page for three years. now, she is married and he is married too and she is vague son in october. she is one of the few -- maybe the only fortune 500 ceos who is pregnant. so interesting. >> very interesting. maybe this will work for yahoo this time and we won't be talking about this again next year. >> hopefully not. >> okay. thank you very much. coming up nix, the federal government steps in to improve safety standards on metro and public transportation across the country. first, we are live on the scene of of a deadly plane crash at montgomery county. the latest on this developing story is coming up when fox 5 morning news continues.  i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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the reading rainbow is going high tech. it has a new app out. levar burton has hosted the show for more than 26 years now. he hopes this will encourage a whole new generation of readers. >> 26 years? i didn't realize that show was on that long. >> i remember it from my time but it was before levars with there, not dating myself too much. >> we had the flintstones when i was a kid. >> we had electric company and sesame street. i think for part of it, we had reading rainbow. >> i don't remember that. >> i remember it later on. >> all right. >> a quick look at the weather. going to be hot today. high temperatures, upper 90s to about 100. right now, we are 77 in washington. not looking the at the much in wait of showers and thunderstorm activity today. we're very quiet. no problems with the morning commute. i think later this afternoon, just a few clouds moving through. we'll get some high cloudiness. that will be about it. we'll be dry but very hot.
6:30 am
lots of water. get in the shade if you can. take it easy outdoors later today as heat will be once again pushing triple digits. 99 in washington. 97 in leonardtown. and 99 in frederick. today, tomorrow, the worst of the heat wave. then it will break. more details on the forecast in just a minute. i want to mention, we've got ask the weather guy coming up. we have an update on some of the ideas for the new name. >> the frontrunners. >> i like those names we had yesterday. >> it will be interesting. >> let's check some with lauren demarco. >> it is looking pretty good out there today. we have the usual stretches of volume and sky fox has been checking out 66. it is pretty heavy and slow as you leave manassas heading into centerville. that is typical. this is right here route 50 fair oaks. before a little crunch here with everybody slowing down. earlier, we had a disabled
6:31 am
vehicle prior to the beltway. that has long since cleared out so you should be in good shape leaving nutley street to head in towards 495. let's move on to trafficland as you travel 95 itself heading northbound. delays pass ago qie aharbor and leaving dale city up past the prince william parkway. that is to the left of the your screen mainly and heading up to the occoquan. also off on the brake in -- also on the brake from lorton to head into springfield. beltway in montgomery county, starting to slow on the outer loop to university boulevard. -- delays passing aquia harbor. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. federal shorts are investigating a deadly plane crash. >> this happened just about 7:30 last night in laytonsville, maryland near davis airport.
6:32 am
melanie alnwick is live at the scene bringing us up to date. >> reporter: we've got an i little bit more information as to how this crash went down. this is the airstrip where they were practicing some take-offs and landings yesterday right here at davis airport here in laytonsville. so the plane was making an approach just over here where you see the sun rising and that is where up in the sky, that is where they heard something that sounded like a gunshot arc backfire. the plane came down along the airstrip, made a brief touchdown but it continued along the runway and took off again. it was just over the tree line where it made a sharp plunge. the pilot had recently purchased a share in the plane, a 1964 beechcraft single engine four high pressure seater and had hired a flight instructor to help him practice the take- offs and landings to get more
6:33 am
comfortable with the planes. those are a series of exercises called touch and gos. witnesses ran to the wreckage, found pilot alert and talking but it was obvious the second man did not survive the impact. >> we didn't immediately identify the secondperson on board who was my friend because he was we thinked in between the side of aircraft and theperson that was talking. we were able to locate him and i approached him and he felt pretty lifeless. at that moment, i realized that that was my friend who had -- i would never see again, never fly with again. >> reporter: and the deceased has now been identified as 79- year-old frank schmidt. he is an expert flight instructor with more than 40 years of experience in this kind of training. we do expect the faa and the ntsb to arrive here and begin
6:34 am
their investigation into exactly what happened around 8:00 this morning. >> thank you so much. this just in to the fox 5 newsroom. all activities at annandale high school are canceled today duey to apower out am. all activities are canceled today at annandale high school. due to a power outage. metro's operations center and its back upsystem lost at built to seat location of trains over the weekend. we got word of a new law giving the federal government oversight of transit rail systems. new regulations would include things like new training and equipment standards. transit agencies could lose federal grant money if they failed to comply. virginia's attorney general is refusing to certify the state's new abortion clinic rule. last month, board of health
6:35 am
struck down an exist requirement that existing builds meet the same standards as hospitals senate the governor of maryland is holing another round of talks on whether to expand the gambling in the state. he says he will likely call fay special session if he can get house leaders to agree to consider expansion. he met with the montgomery and prince george's county executives yesterday. lawmakers have been at odds over a plan to allow a sixth casino at the national harbor. chairchgs are coming for a busy stretch of road -- changes are coming to a busy stretch of road in northern virginia there. will be an expansion of route one near fort belvoir. a three and a half mile stretch of road will be widened to six lanes. the money will be used for new bike lanes, crosswalks and other improvements.
6:36 am
we reported a few minutes ago about the trend in raises, that 3% seems to be the new norm down from 4% in 2000. >> we asked to you sound off about what you are seeing in your paycheck. lucherne says she hasn't seen a raise late le but says a little something is better than nothing. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, a scare on board several overseas flights after an alarming find in the food. >> an update on the campaign trail. more on where it stands today following the war of words over the weekend. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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[ male announcer ] when a president doesn't tell the truth, how can we trust him to lead? the obama outsourcing attacks: "misleading, unfair and untrue." there was "no evidence" that mitt romney shipped jobs overseas. candidate obama lied about hillary clinton.
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so, shame on you, barack obama. [ male announcer ] but america expects more from a president. obama's dishonest campaign: another reason america has lost confidence in barack obama.
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. an investigation was under way after needles were found in
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airline food on several flights. delta and the fbi say the sewing needles were found in sandwiches serve odds four flights out of amsterdam. one person was injured. the sandwiches had been prepared by the same catering company. president obama will be campaigning in texas today. mitt romney will be in pennsylvania. romney says president obama is taxing his business record because the president's record is so weak. >> the poll show those attacks are working and they have republicans on the defensive. james rosen has more. >> i think when people accuse you of a crime, you have every reason to go after them pretty hard. >> reporter: facing a growing clamor from within his party that he toughen up and start throwing punches, mitt romney release a web video that accuses president obama of crass cronyism by rewarding donors with stimulus funds and government jobs.
6:41 am
>> this is a tough time for the people of america fur a campaign contributor to barack obama, your business may stand to get hundreds of millions of dollars in cash from the government. i think it is wrong. i think it sinks to high heaven. >> reporter: the obama campaign in turn sited two ill-fated loans that the state of massachusetts gave when romney was governor to companies run by donors to come knee's gubernatorial campaign. >> he should release the tax returns tomorrow. >> reporter: despite friendly fire like this, romney held fast it to his plan to release only two years of tax returns and challenged mr. obama to release the fast and furious documents. >> this is a bargain right here. >> yeah. >> reporter: after buying chili flavored spaghetti and cheese dogs at cincinnati y's skyline chili, the president hosted his first campaign season town hall. campaign said tickets were distributed at campaign offices on a first come, first served
6:42 am
basis. mr.obama touted a new report by an economics professor who concluded romney's proposal to exempt from taxation the income that u.s.-based multinational corporations earn overseas, a so-called territorial system of kind favored by some of the president's own advisors would lead to the creation of 800,000 jobs. >> there is only one problem. the jobs wouldn't be in america. they would not be in america. this shouldn't be a price because governor romney's experience has been investing in what were called pioneers in the business of outsourcing. i want to give tax breaks to company investing here in ohio, that are investing in cincinnati, that are investing in hamilton county. >> reporter: with the campaign turning so nasty so early, algays of lies and felonies, cronyism and payoffs, there is almost no place to go but up and that path will take both candidates to the saddleback church in southern california where dr. rick warren will host
6:43 am
a civil chat with both candidates about the role that faith has played that their lives. james rosen, fox news. changing gears to sports now. usa men's basketball team hosting brazil in the olympic exhibition game at the verizon center. early o brazil looked like the dream team. the wizards gave brazil and eight-point lead in the second but the americans would rally behind lebron james with 30 points. usa would win. the pressure was on the first couple during team usa's win at the verizon center. president obama and the first lady were featured on the kiss cam but didn't give in at least initially. the crowd booed but they gave in to their shyness and when the kiss cam swung back that you are way in the forty quarter, they gave each other a
6:44 am
little smoochy smooch. much to the delight of his daughter. look how malia made him do it, come on daddy, do it. >> poor guy. >> i know. >> i noticed something else. the president gets tickets and i don't think tony went to the game. >> really? >> we'll have to ask him. >> he was pleading for tickets yesterday. >> i wonder would he would have done if he got on the kiss cam. >> we'll have to ask him. >> it will be hot today, dangerously hot. high temperatures in the upper 90s to about 100 later this afternoon and, of course, yesterday turned into a scorcher as well. here are yesterday appear daytime highs. 96 at reagan national. 96 at dulles. bw incident marshall, 95. we'll be even warmer than this a little later this afternoon with high temperatures expected to surge into the upper 90s,
6:45 am
close to 100. -- bwi marshall, 95. 80 in quantico. 78 in annapolis. doing better as you get further north and west outside the beltway here. manassas, 70 degrees. a little better in the mountains off to the north and west. all of us hot today. all of us well into the mid- to upper 90s. i think the big cities here, washington, baltimore, getting awfully close to 100 late are this afternoon. we are expecting a quiet weather pattern today as far as showers and thunderstorms. not really in the forecast today. high pressure building in from the west and that spells just a fairly quiet weather pat were here. maybe some high cloudiness this afternoon. that will be about t hook how quiet. we don't have any shower or thunderstorm activity across the eastern third of the country at this hour. we are not expecting any later. we'll be quiet today. as we get into tomorrow, another hot one for you for your wednesday but by tomorrow, late in the afternoon, tomorrow night, some shower and thunderstorm activity will arrive in the form a cold front and some of those storms could be strong so we've got to look out for that late in the day
6:46 am
tomorrow and than a cooldown here. here is your five-day forecast. then a cool downfor the end of the week. 99 today, plenty of heat, plenty of haze out there. tomorrow, 98. look out for the last day showers and storms. by friday and saturday, much better. lower humidity, highs only in the mid- to upper 80s. all right. want to take care a few points of business. the fox 5 twitter account is open for business. i'm answering questions today because julie is out. juste today? >> i answer them every day because today i'm paying close attention so if you have a question, send it to us and i will try to answer your question. >> if you have a question for tony or wisdom. >> you guys can stay on top of that. >> fox 5 weather. >> ask about the kissing cam. >> sure. >> remember, we are renaming
6:47 am
the most popular segment in morning television. it is changing so we want you guys to vote. we are asking to you vote. we'll keep the polls open for another 24 hours. a high unscientific poll on our facebook page. at last check, here it is. here is who is leading, drum roll, please. ll, please. you didn't literally mean it. but don't have a clue, ask these two is winning the vote. >> i like that one. >> don't have a clue, ask these two is leading the vote. we'll let you know what -- at number two is q & a with t & t. >> or is it the ask the mornings guys. >> these are your choices. >> i like that second one. >> i like the second one. >> act morning guys. >> q & a with t & t. >> i like the first one. >> whenever one wins, we'll
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have some kind of prize. we don't know what it is yet. depends on what the budget can afford. >> it might be -- >> i was going to say don't expect much. >> it won't be a fancy vacation. >> a bag of potato chips. >> it is now time to ask the weather guys. oh, it will be sad to say good- bye to that title. tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather rhetteled or otherwise. today's question is how much of a role do the mountains play in weather in our area? ooh, good question, sal. the mountains out to the west, of course. he is talking about the blue ridge mountains. one the defining features of weather in the washington- baltimore area is it is very difficult to predict at times because of the influence of mount tapes to the west and the
6:49 am
chesapeake bay and the ocean to the east. >> those are two the big player and it makes for a very tricky forecast across parts of the area and mountains do play a big role. not as big a role as the rocky mountains or the cascades out in the west because their not as high. what mountains do is they serve as i lifting mechanism. so in the summer months, for instance, a lot of thunderstorm activity that we get is a result of the mountains out to the west. we get lift in the atmosphere as the air rides up and over the mountains. it gets pushed upward. we'll often see -- check out your radar. not today but on a tip we'll summer afternoon, we'll get thunderstorms that develop out in the mountains out to the west and they'll start to drift into the washington area later in the day. so without the influence of the mountains, we would not see that kind of thunderstorm activity. >> and correct me if i'm wrong, that thunderstorm activity typically would -- it may develop at the mountains and --
6:50 am
or near the mountains and move this way, right? >> it typically does. >> it comes from lift from easterly or southeasterly winds pushing up against the mountains. >> i think wind chill a graphic. we are going to try it. max 3 if we can do it. >> we have a max 3? >> did you tell them what the graphic is. >> i do want know what the graphic is. >> the effect of mountains. >> let's put it in motion. the effects of mountains. >> oh, nice. >> here what is happens. yes, that is exactly what happens. >> you need to bring it back more often. >> the air gets pushed back up to the mountains. it helps form clouds and rain so that is what happens in the summertime. in the winner time, the opposite is true as the winds get pushed up an over the mountains, it squeezes out the moisture, often what we call great lakes moisture and they get lake effect snow in the mountains out to the west and we don't see it here. the mountains kind of block us
6:51 am
from getting that moisture. so that is another way that the mountains influence. they also influence us with some of our coastal storms and we get what is called cold air damming in the winter time where the cooler air kind of builds up against the mountains and then to the east, temperature are slow to budge. the bottom line is they play a major role in washington weather almost on a daily basis. >> it is one of the ropes why -- you know when we say during the wintertime, most our major snowstorms come from the nor'easters moving up the coast. it is because the mountains do break up a lot of that snow. we may see a lot of snow on the radar out to the west, west of the mountains. but as it makes its way over here, the mountains kind of break it up. if it is a storm system coming from the west during the wintertime, you will see the higher snowfall totals well out to the north and west and not so much here. >> and which is why i always notice you guys when you talk about the snow totals you say
6:52 am
points west of us. >> i didn't realize the mountains were kind of a barrier for the snow. >> incident rhetting. >> very good. so sal, thank you very much for the question. it is a great question. >> mountain music. >> flatt scruggs, fog you mountain breakdown. >> this is off of the wisdom's ipod. i put this on my ipod after he died recently. >> he died recently. >> he was an older man. it was a great jam. >> it is a country jam. >> yeah. >> i'm going to listen to that on the way home. >> you know you have to dance like that. like that. >> let's check in with lauren
6:53 am
demarco for traffic. >> did we ask tony about the kissing cam? >> kissing cam? >> what would you have done? >> i would have kissed the first lady, yes. >> what if it was tucker sitting next to you. >> i don't know why he hesitated. >> i wouldn't have done it. >> that is not embarrassing. that is your wife. >> what do you -- what would you do if it was you and tucker. >> what would you do. >> first of all, i would help they wouldn't put us up on the kissing cam. i would not kiss tucker. >> all right. it is official. he wouldn't kiss me. >> glad we got that cleared up. >> you're pretty lucky that jewel -- that julie is not here today. >> yeah, right. >> sky fox is taking a look as you head up seminary. no accidents or incidents
6:54 am
reported. just dealing with the typical delay. once you get past seminary, ticer trip up -- nicer trip occupy the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you guys at the desk. >> still ahead on fox 5 morning news, the nats, the redskins, the wizards. >> : we are making our mark on the tennis court too. holly morris is live with the washington castles this morning to show us what is ahead this season. that looks so nice. >> nice and warm. >>
6:55 am
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we gotta sell the car. where would we even start?
6:57 am
get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. how about starting your day off with that beautiful picture. a live look at the southwest water front, where we are live, and where we are hanging at the washington castle stadium on the wharf. picturesque and perfect place
6:58 am
to play with the hottest ticket in town as the washington capitals are back in action. the capitals are coming off that undefeated season last year where they took the whole title, second time in only their five years of existence and they're hoping to repete this year. we've got the owner coming out. he's going to talk about the outlook for the season. we have pace, the captain of the team. he also is maybe going to give us a tip or two on our serve. and let's see, down there we got murphy jensen, the coach, always charismatic. he'll be hanging out as well, giving us all the reasons you need to come out. the season wraps up in a week. four games left, so you need to come out and have a whole lot of fun.
6:59 am
>> sounds like a good time. thank you. let's say hello to today's eboo jason tells us he and his wife allison dig our show and we are part of his daily routine. we appreciate that, jason. >> playing that country song we were singing earlier. >> i seriously doubt it. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan, log onto our facebook page, and leave a comment under jason's picture. that does it for the 6:00 hour. >> time to send it over to 10 e and allison. coming up, a developing story out of montgomery county. a plane crash kills one person, injures another. we're live on the scene with the latest and what investigators have to say about what went wrong.


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